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2024 Fall Baseball and Softball Registration is Now Open!

With the renovation beginning at Hafer Park, all baseball games will be played at Mitch Park with softball.

Register now until July 31st!

2024 Fall Baseball and Softball Registration

Click on the tab above to register for Fall baseball or softball.


Edmond Elite Academy Hitting Clinic

Receive hitting instruction from a former 2nd round MLB drafted player Vernon Maxwell.  At MaxxHitz we help every youth, high school, collegiate, and professional player unlock their full potential in baseball and softball.  We are dedicated to providing advanced hitting instruction that focuses on improving hitting ability, to give players confidence at the plate to excel on the field.  Our hitting coaches foster a positive and supportive environment where players of all ages and skill levels can thrive.  MaxxHitz is designed to provide the necessary drills and hitting instruction to swing the bat correctly.   For more information email or visit PITCHING/HITTING (

"I began instructing because of my passion to teach the younger generation.  I have gained a lifetime of lessons from sports and want nothing more than to pass that knowledge on to my athletes.  For the past 15 years I have focused on the art of hitting.  I have developed a hitting philosophy with the focus on structural foundation and energy transfer from the ground all the way up through the bat.  As a father, coach, and former athlete, I care about all of my athletes and will demand the absolute most out of them to ensure they are reaching their maximum potential. "  - Vernon Maxwell

Edmond Elite Baseball Academy

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Information on Mitch & Hafer Park

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Photo Board 16 x 24 Get it in time for OPENING DAY, Player's photo displayed all year long.

Player Recognition Packages


All Proceeds go to the Edmond Youth Sports Foundation.

Examples provided in the video link below

Player Package Order Form

Follow the link today and buy your child's player package!!

18 in Customized Baseball! Displayed for one year at Hafer Park!

18 in Customized Softball! Displayed for one year at Mitch Park!


We put together a video for a visual aid and to answer any questions you may have regarding Player Recognition Packages! Get your package TODAY!



The NEW baseball age cutoff for the Spring 2024 season, and all subsequent seasons, will now be January 1st each year, just like softball and tournament play.

This means that the baseball age will now be according to the calendar year.  However, the USSSA age calculator will still be set to May 1st, so in order to determine the January 1st cutoff for baseball, you must select "Fastpitch" under the sport category.

Example: If you are 10 all the way up through December 31, 2023, you will play 10u for the Fall 2023 and Spring/Summer 2024 seasons (August 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024).  

What is the importance of August 1?

The Baseball and Softball Season runs from August 1 through July 31 of the next year.  During this time frame, EYSA offers a Fall League, Spring League, and a Summer League.  As of August 1, all players are required to play in the next age division from what they were eligible to play during the previous Spring/Summer season.  This is the national standard.  A player may choose to play up a level from their eligible age but cannot play down a level unless they qualify for a recognized grade exception.  Grade exceptions are only applicable to baseball.

2024 Spring in-season Schedule changes

1) League Game Rescheduling- If you have a conflict with a game, you have the following options: 1) find another team that plays the team you have a conflict with and switch dates with that team (If games are agreed to be switched, email EYSA with details); or 2) First, find an open timeslot on your age appropriate field.  Second, contact the opposing coach and get their agreement to move the game to the new date and time.   3) If they agree to move the game, contact us with the new date and time for confirmation of the move.  The move is not approved until it is approved and booked through EYSA.  If option 1 or 2 is not successfully completed, the game will be played as scheduled.  If you are unable to make the game, it will be considered a forfeit with the non-forfeiting team receiving an 8-0 win.  All rules pertaining to forfeits will be applicable.

It is the rescheduling coaches responsibility to find an open time on an age appropriate field.

NOTE: Any schedule changes made may not reflect the change in the sports engine app.  However, they will be shown correctly on the website.  If you have/had a schedule change, please notify parents to go directly to the website to see the schedule update.


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