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Summer '24 Registration

2024 Summer Baseball and Softball



  •  League will consist of 8 games
  •  Season runs four weeks from June 3rd - June 25th
  • Games on Mondays and/or Tuesdays (doubleheaders likely) 
  • Rainouts will be made up on Thursdays 
  • $110.00 - 4u/5u/6u Teeball
  • $120.00 - 7u/8u Coach Pitch
  • $135.00 - 9u/10u Kid Pitch
  • $135.00 - 11u/12u Kid Pitch
  • $155.00 - 13u/14u Prep


2024 Summer Baseball and Softball Registration

Click on the tab above to register your child for the SUMMER league.

2024 Kickball



What is Kickball?

Kickball is a coed league that has all of the strategy of baseball without the difficulty and danger.  There are many rules to kickball that people might not be aware of at first.  Here are all the essentials you need to know to get started:


  • Play begins when the pitcher rolls the ball to home plate. The kicker must be standing behind home plate, and kick the ball from that location.
  • If the ball is kicked and it goes out of bounds before passing 1st or 3rd base, the ball is foul and the kicker returns to home base and tries again.
  • After kicking, the kicker runs to first base. If they have enough time, they can try to run multiple bases at once.
  • There can only be one player on each base at a time, and runners cannot pass any runners ahead of them.
  • While the kicking team is trying to make its way around the bases, the fielding team’s goal is to either catch the ball outright and get the runner out by default or retrieve the ball if nobody catches it. If a fielding player attempts to catch the ball, touching it but failing to hold on, the ball is still considered in play. Upon retrieval, there are 3 options
    • Directly touch the runner with the ball while they’re running to a base, getting them out. For safety purposes in kids’ games, don’t throw the ball at the running player.
    • Throw the ball to one of the players guarding the bases. If the player catches the ball before the runner arrives, the runner is out.
    • Return the ball to the pitcher, ending the play.
  • If the fielding team is unable to get a player out before they make it around all four bases, the kicking team earns a point.
  • The teams switch sides when the fielding team has gotten three members of the kicking team out, or when the kicking team has scored nine points for the round.
  • Once both teams have kicked in a round, the round ends and the score of each team is called out.